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Brief review

Can you really judge a person’s characteristics by the way they look? Digital Physiognomy does just that. This program allows users to build faces, and then determine what particular facial features mean. While simple at the start, a better interface would have made using this tool a lot more fun.


Understanding how to draw faces using Digital Physiognomy is not the hard part. The difficult part is actually drawing good faces if you happen to be artistically challenged. You can download an actual photo to use as a drawing guide, but getting a drawing to come out the way you want it to could prove to be a real challenge.

Extra Features

This program is light on extra features, but there is one fun feature that’s worth mentioning. Digital Physiognomy includes a database or catalogue of faces and features that you can sift through. Choose a headshot included in the database will provide a user with information about specific facial features and the characteristics that go along with those features. While this program could certainly use better drawing tools and the ability to just drag and drop a real photo, the features that do come with Digital Physiognomy are interesting.

Main Function

A person’s features give away a great deal. Wide set eyes may mean one thing while an overhanging forehead means another. If you wan to find out what someone’s facial features mean, this program will provide you with those details. If you are able to draw a lifelike face, Digital Physiognomy works well.


Make sure to test out the free trial version of this program before you shell out $19.95 to buy it – otherwise, you may end up spend some dough on a program that’s not easy to use.  

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Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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